INCANDESCENT:   Book 1 of the Hidden Races. Completed.  As a bartender for an upscale restaurant, Laurie Hudson has fought hard to suppress her affinity for fire, isolating herself from friends and family. A chance encounter with a man whose mere presence brings her own power to the surface catapults her into a world she never knew existed. Now she finds all of her hard won choices being taken away. As Laurie fights to get her life back, she realizes she may have to lose control in order to gain it. 

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ILLUMINATION:  Book 2 of the Hidden Races. Completed.
In an effort to stop a war, the Darkling Mina Tepes started one. Fleeing those among her own kind who want her dead. She turns to the one man who defended her as a child.  But as she attempts to undo what she has done, she realizes her best effort may not be good enough.
Mage Xander Fjordson is sworn to destroy Mina. Demoted for failure to contain a renegade Elemental, he is determined to regain his position and power. But Xander doesn't anticipate dealing with the Darkling, Mina. Now he faces a choice: Help her and lose everything, or betray her and regain it all. 

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BLOOD ON PAPER: Book 3 of the Hidden Races. Writing.
Art thief, Lev Tepes has spent his life acquiring precious objects for well-paying patrons. He has no interest in the war growing around him, not after the price he paid in protecting his sister. What does draw his attention is the human witch, a woman who isn't about to be part of his collection.
Rachel Sullivan likes everything in its place and has no time for the intrusive and curious Dark, Lev.She's focused on making sure her friends are safe and side-stepping her manipulative mother, not to be an object of interest by someone who doesn't understand order.
Rachel's control over her life disintegrates in the face of violent conflict between the races. She must rely on the unconventional Lev to survive. Together they need to find a balance or they'll lose everyone closest to them.

IRIDESCENCE: (name will change) Book 4 of the Hidden Races. Writing. Nicki Monroe hoped her discovery of her Mage Background would answer all of her questions about her past. Instead she found betrayal. Sucked into the Mage and Dark war, her path crosses with the Dark Stefan Cazacul who hates her very existence, but not as much as she hates herself. 
Stefan is bent on the Mages total destruction, until he meets a woman whose darkness echoes his own. Now he must decide to rule the very people he despises, or give up what is left of his humanity and stay in the dark forever.

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